Monday, 27 May 2013

Don't mind if I do! | haul

This Saturday, I went with my mum for the usual food shopping to Asda. However, I've just left school so I don't have to wear a school uniform 5 days a week (hurray!). But that also means that I have to start building up my wardrobe as I need clothes for revision classes, exams and most importantly, college.

So we had a nosy in the clothes section in Asda and I noticed an army green jacket, £25. 

I picked it up to take a closer look and I found my size and tried it on, just because. But I actually really liked it on, and so did my mum. It has really pretty aztec fabric and studs on the shoulders and three star studs on the 'booby pocket'.

Then, after Asda we went to The Range (aka the best shop I have ever stepped foot into) as I wanted a little set of drawers to organise my hair grips and bobbles and such. I didn't end up getting any drawers as the ones I had my eye on were too big for what I wanted, but me and my mum looked round and I'm pretty sure we spent at least an hour in there. There were so many things I wanted, mainly decor things for my room as I have an inner interior decorator dream of making my room retro and vintage.
But I found something I've always wanted and I couldn't leave it in the shop. £3.99.

The retro/vintage dream is on it's way!
I have made a decision that when I finally get a job (September, fingers crossed!) I will be spending a hefty portion of my first paycheck in that shop. It's amazing.

Sundays are always boring. I never know what to do with myself.
My mum was cleaning out her wardrobe so I thought I'd give her a hand and then sort out my own, and in doing so, I gave quite a few things a new home.

All of these are in old, tattered, dusty boxes as they've been in my mums wardrobe for god knows how long!

The first thing my mum offered me was a Revlon make up mirror.

It has a normal and a 3x zoom side and lights up. Of course, I snapped it straight up.

The next is a face steamer.

I suffer from large pores and I have loads of tiny little blackheads on my nose and chin (lovely). So I thought, even though I hate going into saunas as I feel like I can't breathe, I'd give this a go and see if it does anything for me. No pain, no gain, right? :/

Then, I got offered a face cleaning kit thingy.

It reminds me of a Clarisonic just not as extravagant!
It has 5 different heads that are supposed to specialize in different areas of face cleaning-ness.

The last thing I got from my mum was a crimper.

I know what you're thinking. Beth, this isn't the 80's!
I know, I know! But I think sometimes it's nice to give a little bit of texture to straight hair, and crimping does just the job!

So, that's my little haul for this weekend!

How was your weekend and bank holiday? :)

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dusk til Dawn | MUA palette

Now, if you're anything like me, you won't be very adventurous when it comes to eye shadow. I very rarely wear eye shadow and if I do, it's usually just a quick sweep of black or a neutral barely there brown. The main reason for this is because I can never apply eye shadow even! Even eyeliner is such a task for me as it seems I am just incapable of any kind of symmetrical-itty!

If I ever play around with my eye makeup and try and go for a bold or colourful look, I just look silly because my eyes never look the same! It got to the point where I just strayed away from eye shadow all together and just mainly focused on my lips (one of the reasons I bought my 'a little bit too much' Cyber from MAC). 

However, after receiving the MUA Dusk til Dawn eye shadow palette as a part of a big makeup gift from my sister at Christmas, I decided it was an opportunity to play around and give my eye makeup skills (more like lack of them) another chance. 

The palette comes with 12 very versatile colours. You can create a lot of different looks with this palette from an everyday shimmer to a bold smokey eye.

The palette doesn't have names or shade numbers of the shadows so I've just numbered them for reference purposes :)

1 is pretty much just a white shimmer. It's great for highlighting as it just a quite subtle sheen.
2 is quite a musky shimmery grey. I think that these types of colours are great for a smokey eye.
3 is a lovely neutral warm peachy colour which is a great one for a day time look. 
4 again is great for highlighting. However, unlike 1, this has quite a white colour pigment in it, whereas 1 is pretty much a clear, soft shimmer.
5, a grey with purple undertones. It has a little bit of glitter in it.
6 is a really pretty glitter rose gold colour which I love.
7 is a very glittery bronzey brown. Lovely to add a bit of glitter to an everyday look or easy to work into a dramatic night time look.
8, a toned down light grey with a bit of glitter.
9 the most colourful in the palette! A really pretty turquoise with a little shimmer.
10 is a beautiful dark teal colour. It doesn't really show on this swatch, but this has quite a lot of glitter pigment.
11 is a musky dark purple, again with some glitter.
And last but not least, 12 which is a dark grey/soft black with a lot of glitter!

As you can see, there are a lot of different things you can create with this palette. If you're really creative with your eye makeup, or if you're like me and you want to try and get into the swing of all things eye shadowy, I definitely recommend this! Especially if you're on a budget!

Retailing at £4 in Superdrug, these palettes are nothing to grumble at!

Each shadow has great pigment, and when used with a primer and/or setting spray (or just hairspray), they last quite a while!

There are also other MUA palettes which have more crazy colourful shades and palettes which just stick to the basic neutrals.

And I may just have to pick them up to do some more experimenting.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Liebster Award! Again!

I have been nominated again for a Liebster Award! Aaaah!

This time it was by Lydia from lydiacaitlin, so thank you sweet heart!

As, I've already done a Liebster Award post, which is here (you can go there to see the rules, my facts my answers, my questions and who I tagged :)), I'll I'm going to to is answer Lydia's questions :)

So, the questions are...

1. Favourite food?
Chips probably haha

2. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
If I was able to change things about myself, I'd change more than one! But it would probably be that I interrupt people sometimes. I don't realise I'm doing it during a conversation and I just feel so rude after and I hate rude people so, it'd be that.

3. which one if more important, music or wifi?
This is a horrible question :(

4.if you had £1 000 000 what would you spend it on?
I'd save half of it and put it in a bank with interest and then I'd spend the other half on travelling, clothes, make up and holidays. Typical, I know!

5. what do you look for in a guy?
Sense of humour mostly. 

6. favourite brand?
I don't really have one :/

7. ideal weekend?
Shopping and going out with friends on Saturday and then sat with my mum watching Criminal Minds all day Sunday :) is that sad? :/

8. Favourite film?
God, I don't think I could chose!

9. are you looking forward to summer?

10. what was the last thing you bought? why&opinions?
Carmex Cherry because I've had really dry lips lately haha it smells gorgeous (like cherry drops) and does the job :)

11. why did you start blogging?
I've only just started blogging at the beginning of this month so it's all new to me. But in all honesty, I started a blog because of Zoella. I've watched her on Youtube and read her blog for around a year so I decided hey, why not?! I think it's just a nice why to get your thoughts and opinions out and a nice place to be :)

So, that's it! Thank you again to Lydia for nominating me!

Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Liebster Award!

Having only just started blogging earlier this month, I don't know many people in the blogsphere! But, not to worry. I have very kindly been nominated for The Liebster Award by not one, but two people! Lindsey at elzeedaily and Catherine at beautylovefashionthoughts! Thank you lovelies!!

So, these are the rules!:

1. Each person nominated must list 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the 11 questions left by your tagger.
3. Create your own 11 questions.
4. Tag up-to 11 people.

Having just done a 25 facts about me post (which if you want to, you can view here!) I'm going to try to not repeat myself!

But here we go, here are 11 facts about me!

1. I'm terrified of sharks, the sea and big boats. I don't mind swimming in the sea, but when it gets to the point where you can't see or touch the sand below you, I get totally freaked out. And I'm terrified of the thought of a boat sinking. I don't know, I just hate it so much.

2. I never finish a drink that's in a glass unless it has ice in. I don't really know why. But if I have a glass of water or anything really, I always leave a little bit in the bottom of my glass. I never drink all of it.

3. When I'm older, I really want to move and live somewhere abroad.

4. I've always wanted to go to New York at New Years to watch the ball drop. It just looks like such a nice atmosphere! 

5. Things like veins and the heart and just blood in general creeps me out and makes me feel faint haha once my mum cut her hand on a knife while she was washing the dishes and she asked me to cut her a plaster, and I fainted :')

6. Australian and Canadian accents are my favourite.

7. I've never been on a train.

8. I'm leaving school soon. Friday is my last day at school, then I finish my exams and that's it! I then start college in September which I'm super nervous about.

9. I was a hardcore belieber from the beginning of 2009 till 2012.

10. That's So Raven, Drake & Josh, Hannah Montana and Suite Life will always be my favourite!

11. I had guitar lessons when I was in primary school but I gave up and now I really wish I could play :/

Lindsey's questions!

1. Favorite Shop? 
Urban Outfitters! Everything in there is so pretty! What a shame I can't afford anything!

2. What is the number 1 most played song on your ipod?
Kiss and Tell by Justin Bieber (I told you I was a dedicated fan for 4 years!)

3. What do you miss most about being a child? 
Well, I'm only 15 so I still sort of am. But I'm going to say the old disney TV shows!

4. What is one thing you could not live without?
My mum. But something materialistic; my laptop.

5. Who is your celebrity crush? 
Just one?! 

6. What is the last thing you bought and how much did it cost? 
Carmex Cherry because my lips have been super dry lately :( but it was around £2 I think :)

7. Are you a morning or night person? 

8. Do you have any bad habits? If so, what are they? 
I zone out and daydream a lot.

9. What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself? 
Again, just one?!

10. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? 
Lips and eyes.

11. What is the farthest you have traveled from your hometown?
To Egypt, I think :)

Catherine's questions!

1. If you could be anyone for a day who would it be?
Zoella so I could be friends with my favourite Youtubers! (sad, I know).

2. If you were stranded on a desert island what would be your 'must have' item?
Vaseline! hahaha

3. Bright colours or pastel colours?
Just depends! I love both :)

4. If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
Either chips or Chinese.

5. If you had a live in a decade other than the current one, which would you choose?
70's or 80's!

6. If you could travel anywhere in the world and money was no object, where would you go? Why?
Canada, Australia, New York and so many more places. I'd just love to travel the world!

7. A sentence or two describing a happy memory from your childhood.
I can't remember anything to be honest :/

8. Morning or Night Person?

9. Best book you've read recently.
Fault in our Stars by John Green.

10. Favourite lipstick.
Russian Red by MAC.

11. How do you feel about being nominated?
Very special ;D

My questions!

1. Do you watch YouTube and if you do, who are your favourite YouTubers?
2. What's your favourite place to be?
3. Why and when did you start blogging?
4. What's your favourite season and why?
5. What's your number one beauty must have?
6. If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
7. When did you have your last splurge and what was it on?
8. What are your pet peeves? 
9. What's your favourite unhealthy food?
10. What is/was your favourite class at school?
11. If you could do anything or go anywhere for a day, what would you do and where would you go?

I nominate:

Again, thank you to Lindsey and Catherine for nominating me! Make sure to check them out!

Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My *tiny :(* lipstick collection

So far, in my 1 or 2 years of collecting make-up, I've only accumulated 7 lipsticks! That's not enough if you ask me. As you can see, I have quite a pattern in the type of lipsticks I purchase hahaha I have yet to add a nude to my collection, but as I said in my wish list post, I have my eye on the Rimmel moisture renew in Nude Delight which I will hopefully be getting my hands on soon!

I usually only wear 4 of the lipsticks I have; the two Kate Moss ones and the two MAC ones. 

I have two lipsticks from the Rimmel Kate Moss Matte collection; 107 wine and 110 vibrant coral.
What I love about these lipsticks is that they're good quality, have amazing colour pay off and are pretty long lasting, but they're not too expensive. Retailing at £5.49, they don't really put a dint in your bank balance at all. I also love the consistency of these. They go on super creamy which makes application a breeze and then they dry to matte on your lips. Lovely. The only thing I could moan about is that the light shade, 110, can sometimes cling to the dry parts of my lips. I tend to only wear the vibrant coral when I'm having a 'good lip day'. But apart from that, there's nothing to complain about!

L-R: 110 vibrant coral, 107 wine

I only own two MAC lipsticks which makes me terribly sad, but I just don't have the money for more :(
I currently have satin 'Cyber' and matte 'Russian Red' (surprise surprise, my favourite).
There's not much to say about these lipsticks apart from, I l o v e them.
The red is my favourite and I wear this the most. It goes on amazing, the amount of pigment is amazing, the lasting power is amazing, and it doesn't dry out your lips too much for a matte lipstick.
The satin finish however, I'm not too keen on. The lasting power of it isn't that great and the coverage isn't either. I find that this can go slightly patchy during application, but it is buildable. Non the less, I love it.
And both these lipsticks smell amazing. 

L-R: Russian Red, Cyber

L-R: No.7 Moisture Drench in 30 Plum Beautiful, Miss Sporty in 058 Malaga, 17 Shine On in Glacier Cherry

Now these are the lipsticks I don't really wear. The red one is really cheap and I only bought it for a halloween costume, and the other two I got free and they're not the colours I would really go for. 

The red is a cheap Miss Sporty lipstick and I never wear it. The colour, smell and application is nice but it has little to no staying power, and that is why I don't wear it.

The other two I got free when I took part in a Guinness World Records attempt in Boots haha

First is a No. 7 moisture drench in the colour Plum Beautiful. The colour is quite sheer but it feels lovely and creamy on the lips.
The other is Glacier Cherry from the 17 Shine On collection. This is a lot more pigmented than the No. 7 one and it also feels lovely on the lips.

They're both really nice lipsticks but I don't really think the colours suit me so that's why I don't get much wear out of them. But oh well. I haven't got much to complain about when they were free!

L-R: No. 7 Plum Beautiful, Miss Sporty 058 Malaga, 17 Glacier Cherry

So that's my tiny lipstick collection! Just thought I'd share that with you hahaha

What's your favourite lipstick? :)

Hope you're having a good day!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Getting all excited!

As I mentioned in my 25 facts about me post, I'm a huge TV show fan, and I'm getting very excited about things!

First, season 4 of Pretty Little Liars is starting on June 11th! Season 3 ended with such an amazing episode, I've been having withdrawal symptoms since! What's in the trunk?! Who's buried in the dirt?! So many questions! I don't trust Cici at all, something's up with her!

Season 7 of Skins is airing at the beginning of July hopefully. Effy (Fire), Cook (Rise) and Cassie (Pure) will be reappearing! Not too excited about Cassie's episode, I never liked Cassie. But maybe Sid will show up somewhere in there? I can hope. 

Season 3 of American Horror Story will be appearing in October this year! Super duper excited! This season is entitled "American Horror Story: Coven". Witches, of course! What else would you expect?! I have a good feeling about this season. I'm not going to say season 2 was a let down, but it definitely was no where near as good as season 1. Maybe it's just me and I missed Tate and Violet too much in season 2. Hey ho. Speaking of Violet though, Taissa Farmiga is reappearing in season 3! 
Witches, Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga; could there be anything better?

I've seen quite a few fan made posters but an official promotion poster has yet to be released, I think.

Now, this isn't a TV show, but I'm going to mention it as I couldn't be more excited.
The Fault in our Stars film! *fangirls*
Aaaaaaaah, John Green, you seem to like ripping my heart out and stamping all over it. That being said, I absolutely adore that book. It's definitely one of my favourites. And when I found out it was getting made into a film, I went mad!
The casting isn't doing anything for me so far. Hazel and Augustus, meh. I'm hoping they pick someone good for Issac, I have Evan Peters in mind. I think he'd be great being the funny, sarcastic and witty Issac, but that's just me.

Also, I'm getting super excited for The City of Bones film! Jace<3
The casting however, in my opinion, is terrible. But, we'll just have to see about that. The trailer looks amazing and I just hope the film is half as good as the book!

So many things! 

Is there anything you're excited about? Be it what I've mentioned, or anything else! Let me know!

Anyone else read and loved The Mortal Instruments or The Fault in our Stars? (If you haven't, get reading!) What do you think to the TMI casting and who would you cast for TFIOS? I could talk about this stuff all day!

Hope you're having a good day lovelies! Happy Sunday!

Friday, 17 May 2013

25 facts about me!

1. I used to suck my thumb when I was little. I couldn't get to sleep unless my thumb was in my mouth and my light was on! This led to my front teeth being crossed over. Thankfully I've had braces!

2. Christmas is my favourite holiday. I just love everything about it. The weather, the decorations, the atmosphere, the shopping. Everything!

3. I love when the sun is out and shinning but I get really grumpy, snappy and super duper lazy when I'm too hot.

4. Still talking about weather and such, I change my mind about weather all year round. In Spring I think yay! finally! some sun! summer is coming! But then in Summer I end up thinking wow it's too hot I can't wait for Winter and Christmas. Then when Autumn comes I get excited when the leaves start falling from the trees (surely it's not just me who thinks that it's one of the prettiest things all year round?!) and I start yearning for the short days and the cold weather. Then when Winter shows up, I complain that it's too cold and it's getting dark too early. And it starts again every year!

5. Chinese and Italian are my favourite food.

6. When I was younger, I couldn't sleep away from home. In year 5, the whole year in my school went to Dovedale for 3 nights and I was tired the whole time because I couldn't sleep at all and I would spend the nights hysterically crying because I wanted to go home to my mum haha bless little 8 year old me! Then in year 6, the whole year went to Filey for 5 nights and I didn't go because I was too afraid to be away from home for that long! 

7. I'm a huge TV show fan! My faves are 
  • skins (season 7 soon eeek!)
  • criminal minds (spencer <3)
  • 2 broke girls
  • the vampire diaries 
  • pretty little liars (season 4 soon! it's all happening!)
  • american horror story (hurry october!)

8. I'm really shy and awkward around new people but if I get comfortable around you, you'll probably think I'm mental.

9. I worry and over think everything all the time. Things I've said or done and my plans. I worry that people aren't going to show up and stuff is just going to go wrong. Sometimes it gets so bad I worry that I have a tad of anxiety :/!

10. I love books but I never have the motivation to read.

11. I really enjoy long car journeys but they make me super tired. :(

12. I sing my heart out when I'm by myself and pretend I'm a famous performer more often than I should.

13. I have a phobia of sharks and spiders and I hate little creatures that fly. Especially moths and daddy long legs :(

14. I'm not creative at all and I really wish I was.

15. I used to do maypole dancing when I was in primary school and I loved it.

16. I'm the youngest person in my year. If I was born a day later, I would be in the year below. Weirds me out a little!

17. I was born on the exact same day that Princess Diana died. How jolly.

18. I enjoy to sit and have philosophical conversations with people about life and the world and everything around us.

19. I love the sound of heavy rain. It relaxes me and I love to fall asleep to it. 

20. Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream is my favourite ice cream ever.

21. I want a lot of piercings and tattoo's but I'm afraid to get them. Not because of fear of pain, but of fear that they wouldn't suit me at all!

22. I hate the word moist. It's such an ugly word.

23. I've had three pet hamsters in the past. Fudge, Treacle and Harry. They're all buried in my back garden somewhere. RIP you lovely little fury creatures!

24. I really, really, really like fried onions. No burger or hot dog is complete without them and I can not understand how some people don't like them.

25. Disney films and old Disney shows will always be my favourite!

So, there's 25 facts about me!
Let me know some weird, random facts about you!
If you've done this, make sure to let me know and I'll definitely check it out!

Have a nice day lovelies!xx 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Review: Sexy Mother Pucker

I've never been a fan of lipglosses at all. I find that they don't provide much colour on the lip, they're too sticky and slimy and they have hardly any staying power. I always stray away from lipglosses and go straight to the lipsticks. And with how this product has turned out, I won't been changing my ways any time soon!

I have this Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss by Soap & Glory in the colour 'Pink Apricot'

This was such a disappointment for me. I have owned and do own many other Soap & Glory products and they're all amazing. However this, I just really don't like it.

First, the colour. The packaging makes the gloss look matte which I like. But the actual gloss is just ordinary shiny shiny. The colour is an orange based pinkish peach. I love the colour in the tube and on a swatch, however on the lips, not so much.
For me, I think the natural pigment in my lips cancelled out the orange tones and just came out a pale peachy pink. So, not a great colour payoff for myself.

The consistency of this lipgloss is awful! It's so sticky and heavy, I didn't enjoy applying it or having it on my lips at all. Also, it has that horrible tingly stuff that is supposed to "plump up your lips". Yeah right.
It just felt uncomfortable and I felt like I was being stung all over my lips. :( Maybe it'd be worth it if it actually worked?? 

And finally, the smell. Every other Soap & Glory product I've ever laid my hands on smells so good that I could eat it! But, yep, you guessed it. This smells awful. I'm not sure what it is about it, I just don't like it. And especially since your mouth is right below your nose, you want the stuff you're slapping on them to smell good! Definitely been let down by this product. 

As for staying power, I can't comment on that as I haven't left it on my lips long enough thanks to the annoying tingling. 

So, in conclusion, this lipgloss is a no no.
Horrible consistency, not a great colour payoff, and uncomfortable to wear.

However, I'm sure there are people out there who love this product. It's just not for me at all. 

I'm still tempted to delve into the lipgloss world so give me some good recommendations? As this has made me doubt all lipglosses around the world!

Tut tut Soap & Glory. You've let me down.