Friday, 17 May 2013

25 facts about me!

1. I used to suck my thumb when I was little. I couldn't get to sleep unless my thumb was in my mouth and my light was on! This led to my front teeth being crossed over. Thankfully I've had braces!

2. Christmas is my favourite holiday. I just love everything about it. The weather, the decorations, the atmosphere, the shopping. Everything!

3. I love when the sun is out and shinning but I get really grumpy, snappy and super duper lazy when I'm too hot.

4. Still talking about weather and such, I change my mind about weather all year round. In Spring I think yay! finally! some sun! summer is coming! But then in Summer I end up thinking wow it's too hot I can't wait for Winter and Christmas. Then when Autumn comes I get excited when the leaves start falling from the trees (surely it's not just me who thinks that it's one of the prettiest things all year round?!) and I start yearning for the short days and the cold weather. Then when Winter shows up, I complain that it's too cold and it's getting dark too early. And it starts again every year!

5. Chinese and Italian are my favourite food.

6. When I was younger, I couldn't sleep away from home. In year 5, the whole year in my school went to Dovedale for 3 nights and I was tired the whole time because I couldn't sleep at all and I would spend the nights hysterically crying because I wanted to go home to my mum haha bless little 8 year old me! Then in year 6, the whole year went to Filey for 5 nights and I didn't go because I was too afraid to be away from home for that long! 

7. I'm a huge TV show fan! My faves are 
  • skins (season 7 soon eeek!)
  • criminal minds (spencer <3)
  • 2 broke girls
  • the vampire diaries 
  • pretty little liars (season 4 soon! it's all happening!)
  • american horror story (hurry october!)

8. I'm really shy and awkward around new people but if I get comfortable around you, you'll probably think I'm mental.

9. I worry and over think everything all the time. Things I've said or done and my plans. I worry that people aren't going to show up and stuff is just going to go wrong. Sometimes it gets so bad I worry that I have a tad of anxiety :/!

10. I love books but I never have the motivation to read.

11. I really enjoy long car journeys but they make me super tired. :(

12. I sing my heart out when I'm by myself and pretend I'm a famous performer more often than I should.

13. I have a phobia of sharks and spiders and I hate little creatures that fly. Especially moths and daddy long legs :(

14. I'm not creative at all and I really wish I was.

15. I used to do maypole dancing when I was in primary school and I loved it.

16. I'm the youngest person in my year. If I was born a day later, I would be in the year below. Weirds me out a little!

17. I was born on the exact same day that Princess Diana died. How jolly.

18. I enjoy to sit and have philosophical conversations with people about life and the world and everything around us.

19. I love the sound of heavy rain. It relaxes me and I love to fall asleep to it. 

20. Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream is my favourite ice cream ever.

21. I want a lot of piercings and tattoo's but I'm afraid to get them. Not because of fear of pain, but of fear that they wouldn't suit me at all!

22. I hate the word moist. It's such an ugly word.

23. I've had three pet hamsters in the past. Fudge, Treacle and Harry. They're all buried in my back garden somewhere. RIP you lovely little fury creatures!

24. I really, really, really like fried onions. No burger or hot dog is complete without them and I can not understand how some people don't like them.

25. Disney films and old Disney shows will always be my favourite!

So, there's 25 facts about me!
Let me know some weird, random facts about you!
If you've done this, make sure to let me know and I'll definitely check it out!

Have a nice day lovelies!xx 

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