Monday, 27 May 2013

Don't mind if I do! | haul

This Saturday, I went with my mum for the usual food shopping to Asda. However, I've just left school so I don't have to wear a school uniform 5 days a week (hurray!). But that also means that I have to start building up my wardrobe as I need clothes for revision classes, exams and most importantly, college.

So we had a nosy in the clothes section in Asda and I noticed an army green jacket, £25. 

I picked it up to take a closer look and I found my size and tried it on, just because. But I actually really liked it on, and so did my mum. It has really pretty aztec fabric and studs on the shoulders and three star studs on the 'booby pocket'.

Then, after Asda we went to The Range (aka the best shop I have ever stepped foot into) as I wanted a little set of drawers to organise my hair grips and bobbles and such. I didn't end up getting any drawers as the ones I had my eye on were too big for what I wanted, but me and my mum looked round and I'm pretty sure we spent at least an hour in there. There were so many things I wanted, mainly decor things for my room as I have an inner interior decorator dream of making my room retro and vintage.
But I found something I've always wanted and I couldn't leave it in the shop. £3.99.

The retro/vintage dream is on it's way!
I have made a decision that when I finally get a job (September, fingers crossed!) I will be spending a hefty portion of my first paycheck in that shop. It's amazing.

Sundays are always boring. I never know what to do with myself.
My mum was cleaning out her wardrobe so I thought I'd give her a hand and then sort out my own, and in doing so, I gave quite a few things a new home.

All of these are in old, tattered, dusty boxes as they've been in my mums wardrobe for god knows how long!

The first thing my mum offered me was a Revlon make up mirror.

It has a normal and a 3x zoom side and lights up. Of course, I snapped it straight up.

The next is a face steamer.

I suffer from large pores and I have loads of tiny little blackheads on my nose and chin (lovely). So I thought, even though I hate going into saunas as I feel like I can't breathe, I'd give this a go and see if it does anything for me. No pain, no gain, right? :/

Then, I got offered a face cleaning kit thingy.

It reminds me of a Clarisonic just not as extravagant!
It has 5 different heads that are supposed to specialize in different areas of face cleaning-ness.

The last thing I got from my mum was a crimper.

I know what you're thinking. Beth, this isn't the 80's!
I know, I know! But I think sometimes it's nice to give a little bit of texture to straight hair, and crimping does just the job!

So, that's my little haul for this weekend!

How was your weekend and bank holiday? :)


  1. I've got that Revlon make up mirror, I love it so much I can't do my make up without it! I love that jacket :) x

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    1. i already follow you lovely! :)
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  4. Ahh iv been wanting a pair of old school crimpers for ages, nice haul x

  5. i really want that light up mirror!

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