Friday, 10 May 2013

Empties #1

I thought I would round up a few products that I have sprayed, pumped and poured all the life out of and show you in a little post.
Like most girls I'm sure, I have a lot of half full products laying around my room that I don't use anymore. But the problem is, I just keep buying new stuff.
So, I'm trying to use up old bits and bobs I have to clear up some space for new products. It'll also allow me to figure out what I do and don't like.

So, as you can see, half of these products are perfumes. I don't know why I do this, but after I've used up a perfume, I tend to but the empty bottle back on my shelf. I just can't bring myself to throw it away, and I have no idea why! Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me? I have a feeling it's just me....

The perfume that I've been using all day everyday (until I ran out that is :( ) is
Someday by Justin Bieber

I'm absolutely no use at describing scents, so I'm not even going to try! But I just love the smell of this and it comes in a pretty bottle. If that doesn't make you love it, I don't know what will. Definitely will be repurchasing! 

Remember how I said I put empty perfume bottles back on my shelf? Yeah, this is one of them. I don't think I've used this perfume since the beginning of last year or something ridiculous!
The one I'm talking about is
NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker

This one has just been on my shelf empty for a ridiculous amount of time. Why haven't I thrown it away?! This was my favourite perfume when I was around 13/14. I still enjoy the scent, but I don't think I will be repurchasing as it is no longer my favourite.

The final perfume is

I remember buying this at the airport on the way to Egypt and I wore it every single day of the holiday and carried on wearing it when I got home. I don't know how to describe scents, but to me, this just smells of holiday. As I wore it everyday in Egypt, I'm swept back to Hilton Sharks Bay in Sharm El Sheikh every time I get a whiff of this stuff. I love it.

On to the hair stuff.

First I used up all of my
Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner

This. Smells. Amazing. Like any other Aussie product, I could sit and sniff this stuff all day.
It claims to "protect your hair from everyday wear and tear" and to also "detangle". 
I've been using this product on my hair every time I get out of the shower since last year, so it's hard for me to say whether my hair is in any better condition by using this product, as I can't remember what difference it made to my hair when I first started using it.
However, this is a great detangler. I'm not going to sit here and pretend that this is a miracle worker and your comb will glide freely through your wet hair after having a good scrubbing in the shower. That doesn't happen and sadly, probably never will. It does help though. Having quite long, thick hair, it tangles really easily. This product does make the process of combing my freshly washed hair a lot easier, and for that, I'm grateful. Thanks Aussie. 
I won't be needing to repurchase this any time soon as I already have a full bottle sat in my draw, waiting to be loved. 
And did I mention that this smells great?

Next is the
VO5 Heat Protect Styling Spray

Honestly, I don't notice any difference in my hair when I use heat protection. As long as it's doing it's job and making my hair less frazzled by my straighteners and curlers, I'm a happy chappy.
I don't have a favourite heat protection for my hair, I usually just go by either brand or smell. If it smells nice, I'll gladly spray it all over my head. And this one smells amazing. 
I also notice that it made my hair lovely and shiny. 
Only thing I have to complain about this is that as you get to the end of the bottle, when you spray the product onto your hair, it can come out bubbly and soap-suddy. But hey ho, life goes on.
Not sure if I'll repurchase this as like I said, I don't have a favourite, I go by brand and smell. If I happen to find one that smells nicer than this, sorry VO5, I'll have to replace you!

Ok, the only face product.

It is the
Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion by The Body Shop

When I get spots (which to my dismay, is often) they leave little red scars in there place when they decide to leave. This stuff really does help.
It's not a overnight miracle oh my skin is amazing. So don't expect that.
But if you use it every night for a while, you will notice a difference. I did anyway!
It helps those little scars fade with time.
A lot of you are probably wondering where the pump has gone. Well.....
When I ran out of this lotion, I pulled the bottle apart in hopes I could salvage more product from the bottle. In the end, I just ended up buying a new one...

Last product is the
Elegant Touch Get 'Em Off Artificial Nail Remover

I stole this from my sister a while back as I had chipped nail varnish on and I was looking scruffy and wanted it off right away.
I don't like this remover at all. I find that it dries out my nails after use and instead of the nail varnish sticking to the cotton wool and coming straight off my nail, this seems to make it kind of smear across my nail.
I just don't like it at all.

So, they're the products that I've used up lately and my opinions on them!

What have you been loving lately? Let me know :)xxx

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