Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My *tiny :(* lipstick collection

So far, in my 1 or 2 years of collecting make-up, I've only accumulated 7 lipsticks! That's not enough if you ask me. As you can see, I have quite a pattern in the type of lipsticks I purchase hahaha I have yet to add a nude to my collection, but as I said in my wish list post, I have my eye on the Rimmel moisture renew in Nude Delight which I will hopefully be getting my hands on soon!

I usually only wear 4 of the lipsticks I have; the two Kate Moss ones and the two MAC ones. 

I have two lipsticks from the Rimmel Kate Moss Matte collection; 107 wine and 110 vibrant coral.
What I love about these lipsticks is that they're good quality, have amazing colour pay off and are pretty long lasting, but they're not too expensive. Retailing at £5.49, they don't really put a dint in your bank balance at all. I also love the consistency of these. They go on super creamy which makes application a breeze and then they dry to matte on your lips. Lovely. The only thing I could moan about is that the light shade, 110, can sometimes cling to the dry parts of my lips. I tend to only wear the vibrant coral when I'm having a 'good lip day'. But apart from that, there's nothing to complain about!

L-R: 110 vibrant coral, 107 wine

I only own two MAC lipsticks which makes me terribly sad, but I just don't have the money for more :(
I currently have satin 'Cyber' and matte 'Russian Red' (surprise surprise, my favourite).
There's not much to say about these lipsticks apart from, I l o v e them.
The red is my favourite and I wear this the most. It goes on amazing, the amount of pigment is amazing, the lasting power is amazing, and it doesn't dry out your lips too much for a matte lipstick.
The satin finish however, I'm not too keen on. The lasting power of it isn't that great and the coverage isn't either. I find that this can go slightly patchy during application, but it is buildable. Non the less, I love it.
And both these lipsticks smell amazing. 

L-R: Russian Red, Cyber

L-R: No.7 Moisture Drench in 30 Plum Beautiful, Miss Sporty in 058 Malaga, 17 Shine On in Glacier Cherry

Now these are the lipsticks I don't really wear. The red one is really cheap and I only bought it for a halloween costume, and the other two I got free and they're not the colours I would really go for. 

The red is a cheap Miss Sporty lipstick and I never wear it. The colour, smell and application is nice but it has little to no staying power, and that is why I don't wear it.

The other two I got free when I took part in a Guinness World Records attempt in Boots haha

First is a No. 7 moisture drench in the colour Plum Beautiful. The colour is quite sheer but it feels lovely and creamy on the lips.
The other is Glacier Cherry from the 17 Shine On collection. This is a lot more pigmented than the No. 7 one and it also feels lovely on the lips.

They're both really nice lipsticks but I don't really think the colours suit me so that's why I don't get much wear out of them. But oh well. I haven't got much to complain about when they were free!

L-R: No. 7 Plum Beautiful, Miss Sporty 058 Malaga, 17 Glacier Cherry

So that's my tiny lipstick collection! Just thought I'd share that with you hahaha

What's your favourite lipstick? :)

Hope you're having a good day!


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  2. I recently discovered the kate lipstick and I'm obsessed, it's the best! P.s. new follower!!!!!! i'm looking forward to following along <3

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