Monday, 6 May 2013

Ombre dilemma

So, I have been wanting to ombre my hair for a while. And I mean, a while.

I think it was back in September 2012 I went to my regular hairdressers and asked her to ombre my hair. However she insisted it could not be done, as I have has bright red hair in the past.


She suggested that she put some highlights in instead as this would be the closest I would be able to get to the ombre affect thanks to past hair dying decisions.

I did like my red hair though.

Anyway, me being awkward when it comes to any type of face to face communication with anyone, I agreed even though highlights was not what I wanted at all.

So that happened and as you always do you say "yeah, I really like it" to the hairdresser when inside you're thinking "what have you done to my head?!" we then went our separate ways and I haven't gone back to her since. Safe to say I think we have fallen out.

Time went on and I still desperately wanted ombre hair. My highlights went a lovely sandy blonde colour (but by this time had faded as I didn't take care of them with a toning shampoo, opps) and I was left thinking "if highlights went blonde, why wouldn't the ends of my hair?" I have yet to figure out my ex-hairdressers logic.

So I spoke to my mum after seeing the L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombre Hair Kit advert and asked if she would help me out with the whole process. However she went ahead and crushed my dreams by saying "you have to remember that on those adverts they have a team of professional hair stylists that make it look that good. It won't turn out right. If you want it done you'll have to go to the hairdressers."

So that I did. Mistake.

Last weekend we strolled into a local hairdressers and told them what I wanted and made it clear that I DID NOT want a straight line from brown to blonde. "Oh yes, yes, we can do that" assured the hairdresser and an appointment for Friday was made. 

 I took in plenty of pictures into the salon on the day of my appointment.

"These", I told myself "should get the point across." Obviously, I was wrong.

I again explained that a straight line was a no no and I wanted it gradual fading. Not just two block colours. 

"Yes, yes, shouldn't be a problem." said the hairdresser.  

So the process began.

As I had quite light brown hair and highlights, they put a dark brown dye onto the top of my head before applying bleach to the ends of my hair. 

This is how it turned out.

Please excuse my sister in the mirror and my mothers lovely cat calender haha

I'm ok with the back. The bleach lifted my hair to quite a nice colour and lines aren't incredibly noticeable.


The front bits that frame my face have clear lines where the bleach has been applied and the colour is not faded at all. In person, it just looks like two different colours all together and lines between brown and the bleached section are clearly visible.

Today I decided I wasn't happy with it at all and I rushed off to the shops before early Sunday closing and grabbed a box of dark brown hair dye. My mum has managed to make some of the lines less noticeable,  however it is still not what I wanted. 

What a huge let down for months of wanting and waiting, huh?

The question now is, should I stick with it for a while and see how it turns out, or should I cover it and go completely dark brown?

One things for sure, I won't be rushing back to a hairdressers, any time soon. This was £55 wasted.


  1. hey, nice blog you have a lovely header:)

  2. i'm the same with hairdressers, i always say i like it even if i'm devestated at how it's turned out.
    i'd stick with the ombre thing because you'll only regret getting rid of all your hard work (and money) otherwise and when you want to do it again it'll be so much harder from dark brown.
    I would get a light ash blonde colour, i like the nice n easy one- works really well, plait the ends of your hair, make sure you get the front bits in- into two plaits and run the dye through over the plaits, you've created an uneven edge so you don't get those straight lines that you hate.
    i had a very similar experience with mine- i was going for lots of blonde higlights put half way down my hair and there were solid lines then, it just looked silly.
    hope this helps you anyway :) and welcome to the blogging world too!
    hope to speak soon,
    laura xx

    1. i can never bring myself to say "no, i don't like it" because i feel rude and well, it's too late now, what's done is done haha. i think i'm going to stick with it, i think i'm going to end up liking it :)
      ooooh, i might try that!
      thank you! of course! :)xx

  3. ombre hair is awesome!
    totally zoella inspired!

  4. I relate with this post so much...haha
    I have had some bad hair experiences in the past with hairdressers and rush trips to the shops for a box dye. I also had fire red hair much like yours, and my hairdresser told me the same thing about not being able to achieve the ombre. The most frustrating thing is trying to explain what you want to someone who is going to do whatever they want anyway! If I were you, I would just leave your hair brown for a bit and deep condition it so that it is in amazing condition. Once you have let your hair have a bit of a break from dyeing or bleaching, I would recommend trying the ombre yourself! Scary I know, haha! I have done my own highlights/bleaching for a while now, and it's quite simple as long as you blend everything. If I were you, I wouldn't go for an ombre kit because they can turn a bit orange-y, whereas the highlight kits are more bleach based and turn out with a more blonde effect. Just apply the bleach to the ends instead of apply it as highlights! I hope this somewhat helped!

    ♥ Sierra xx
    Stylishly Sierra