Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Little haul | Lonely shopping

Hey guys! So as I've finished school and only have 2 exams left, I didn't have to go into school today so I decided to make use of the day and go shopping. 
My friend who I was supposed to go with wasn't feeling too good so I braved it and went by myself.
A lot of you probably go shopping by yourself all the time, so it won't be a big deal to you, but me being a shy, self conscious 15 year old, I've never been by myself before. And I actually quite enjoyed it. I took my time and went straight to the shops I wanted to go to and had a look around without worrying about someone trailing behind me and getting footsore while I browse. 

I was only there for 2 hours but I managed to spend 2 months worth of pocket money. Crap how it takes so long to save up and so little time to spend it all!

So, I ended up spending £40.
I bought my dad a tiger onsie from Primark for Farther's Day for £12. But the rest, I spent on myself. Whoops.

The first place I went was Topshop. If you've followed my blog for a while you'll know that I've been wanting Lips in Infrared for a while. They discontinued it for around a month and I was super annoyed because I thought they'd never bring it back and I'd never be able to get it.
But, lo and behold, they brought it back so I decided to snap it up while I could.

When I swatched it on the back of my hand in the shop, I was actually surprised at how bright it was. I was expecting it to be a little bit more muted. But, I picked it up anyway because after lusting over it for so long, seeing how lovely it looked on Zoella and reading all her rave reviews about this product, I couldn't leave it behind in the shop. I just couldn't.
I actually browsed the rest of the make up section and I had to restrain myself as I had my eye on 5 more lipsticks, 2 lip bullets and a blush and the whole collection of nail varnishes! I've never really payed much attention to the make up in Topshop, but now I have, I think I love it.
I was tempted to buy another lipstick along with this, Ditsy, but I thought I would just hold back a little and test the Topshop make up waters with Infrared. I can always will go back and pick some more up!

I then went to Boots.

I originally just went in for the Collection concealer which I know a lot of people rave about.
But, when I went to the Collection stand to pick it up, I noticed one of their foundations on offer for £4. If you know me, you'll know I never wear foundation. It's not that I have flawless skin, or that I can't be bothered to put it on in the morning, or I don't want to pay for it. The reason I don't wear it is because I'm paranoid that I look worse with it on as I can't find a match for my skin tone!
I've only ever owned 1 foundation. Yep. One.
And honestly, I've never bothered with concealer before, so this was all new territory for me.
So I figured it was about time to man up and try to find something that matches me. So, for £4 I decided to pick up Collection's Lasting Perfection foundation.

I picked the concealer and the foundation in the lightest shades available.

With the concealer, I swatched shade 1 and 2 on the back of my hand the the difference was quite drastic. So, even though shade 1 looked super light, I figured it was better to go lighter than darker for things like under eye circles.

For the foundation, they didn't have a very wide range to chose from. I think there were about 5 or 6 shades and that was it. I pumped a little bit of the first 3 shades and shade 2 and 3 were quite orangey and dark. So, I decided, even though I have no idea if it's my shade, I'll get the paler one.
It might be one of those "oh my god, why did I buy this?!" moments when I try it out but, for £3.99, it's not as if it broke my bank which is nice.

I then strolled to the Rimmel stand and this managed to find it's way into my hand and all the way to the till.

My first nude lipstick, how exciting!
It's the Rimmel Moisture Renew in Nude Delight.
I've wanted this since Tanya Burr mentioned it in one of her monthly favourites videos. When I swatched it, it just felt so creamy and lovely, I had to buy it. I smells quite perfume-y as well, but not overpowering, which is pleasant!

Then I went to Superdrug and I was super good in there, I'm proud of myself! hahaha

I was super super super tempted by the Sleek stand. The Lace blush palette was in my hand at one point, but I was a good girl and put it back (only to go pick it back up in a couple weeks more than likely!).
I was also going to buy a MUA bronzer but I knew if I did, it wouldn't be the only MUA product I'd end up leaving with, as I get sucked in by the cheapness of it!

Anyway, my lips have been quite high maintenance a lately, so I picked up the Palmer's Cocoa Butter lip balm.

It was super cheap, £1.79 I think, and I've heard really good stuff about it, so hopefully, it'll sort my smackers out!

That's it my lovelies!

Have you tried any of these? Let me know!

Hope you're all well!

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  1. Yay, you got Infrared! Hope you like it :)

    olivialways.blogspot.co.uk x

  2. I love the look of the Topshop lipstick! Sometimes I love shopping alone, it means you can spend ages looking at what you want without worrying that the other people with you are getting bored! haha :) x


  3. Hey! I nominated you for the Liebster award, check it out on my blog if you're interested in participating.
    Megan xx

  4. Enjoy hauls like this :) I've been looking at the Infrared lipstick too because of Zoella, it's what she wears 90% of the time haha. I think you'll like the Collection concealer, I love it :) xo

    Holly | http://touchofcrimson.blogspot.co.uk/