Monday, 24 June 2013

Lush interview!

So, I just got home from my group interview at Lush!

I got up at 7 this morning, fretting about the interview. I've been feeling nervous about it ever since I got the email inviting me to the interview!

Me and my friend Patience (patiencebeatrice) were both in the interview so we met up and walked to the bench closest to the Lush store. 

We were both super nervous and we sat there for around 15 minutes. 

The workers at Lush opened the doors pretty much on time and we all went in. There were 7 of us in total which I was actually quite surprised about. I thought there would be a few more. But they did have a couple more name tags. I guess some people just didn't show up!

There was the trainee manager and a sale assistant running the interview. They introduced themselves, asked if we were familiar with Lush and if we'd been in before. It seemed as if they didn't expect us to know anything about the company at all. They told us a bit about the company, what was expected of us, hours and such. Asked us if we had any questions, what are favourite products were. They were both super friendly and laid back, which I loved.

The interview then began. We were put into 3 groups, two 2's and a 3. Luckily for us, me and Patience were put together. We were told to have a chat between us and find out as much about each other as possible and report back to the interviews. Obviously, me and Patience had an advantage here. I guess this task was to see how comfortable we were around new people and how talkative we were as Lush employees are always so bubbly and confidant! I guess we sort of cheated at this, but they never asked if we knew each other so, we didn't lie!

We were then told to go shopping for our group partner based on what we had learnt about them. We all got a basket and filled it with Lush goodies we thought the other person would like! We were left to wander the shop for about 10 minutes and then we had to stand up show our basket to the other people and explain what we picked and why.

It was then time for a demo!

I was super happy with this bit because they chose a bath bomb demo! There was one bath bomb I studied and memorized and that was Honey Bee. 

We were given a couple of minutes to chose our bath bomb and then we were brought around the steel bowls they have. 

They asked if any one wanted to go first and I jumped straight in!

I think I did quite well on this bit, I mentioned the baking soda and the citrus acids that soften the water and the ingredients of the bath bomb and what benefits they have and who the product is good for. 

All in all, I'm not exactly sure how I did. There were some parts I think I did well in, like the bath bomb demo, but some parts not so good, like the basket. I think I rushed through it and didn't talk about the ingredients much!

I think they were mainly looking for personality in this interview. There wasn't any one to one interviews or any quizzing on our knowledge of the products or the company. Just plain personality tests! I think I did a good job, the sales assistant made direct eye contact with me quite a few times and she saw me having a little sing a long and a little dance to the music in the store so I'm hoping I've won her over a little!

But, there's nothing I can do now!
Just going to have to keep myself busy this week and keep my phone by my side at all times! 

Fingers, toes and everything crossed that I get a phone call and a trail shift! I'd really love to work at Lush, everyone there seems to friendly and happy and kjdbvkdsvbhds

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  1. Ah, how amazing it would be to work at Lush! I wish you the best of luck, and I hope that you get the job. (:

    ♥ Sierra xx
    @ Stylishly Sierra

    1. i know!
      they rang last night, i got the trail shift! fingers crossed for that!xx

  2. I have a group interview at lush next week, Do you need to memorize a product for the demo before the interview? xx