Thursday, 13 June 2013

Say au revoir to GFC

As you guys probably already know, GFC is leaving us at the beginning of July.

If you don't know what GFC is, it's how you follow people's blogs. It stands for Google Friend Connect and it allows my posts to pop up on your blogger dash when I post!

But, as it's leaving, you'll no longer be following my blog.

But, there is hope!

I'm sure most of you know about Bloglovin'. Well, if you haven't already got an account on there, MAKE ONE! It will allow us all to keep following blogs and reading their lovely posts!

If you aren't already, please follow me on bloglovin'. I don't want to lose any of you lovelies as all your comments just really make my day!

Just click on this big button:

Follow on Bloglovin

and it'll send you to my profile. Then, click the big blue follow button and voilĂ , you're done!

To make it easier for you click here! This link will open a page that will ask you to allow bloglovin' to access your Google account. Click allow it will follow all the blogs that you're following on GFC for you on bloglovin'! Easy peasy! 

Thank you so much lovelies, I'll see you on Bloglovin'!

1 comment:

  1. Apparently it is only google reader that is going - not gfc x