Friday, 21 June 2013

Shopping shopping shopping | Another little haul

Me and my mum decided to open the saving tin we had going for a couple of months. We started saving for clothes for college, so I went shopping. 

I went with my sister on Tuesday and I bought a couple of things then.

I bought a cheap foundation brush and two nail polishes.
I've been wanting a bright orange nail varnish for a while and I was going to get one from Barry M, but they didn't have one. Then I came across this one from NYC in the colour 'Spring Street'. It's not exactly bright orange, more of a coral colour. They were having an 2 for £3 offer so I picked up a dark purple in the colour 'Manhattan'. This is more of an autumn/winter colour but I liked it so I bought it!

I then went out to Meadowhall today. Which, if you're not from around Sheffield and don't know what it is, it's just a big shopping centre.

First, my dad bought me some cheap Ray-Ban lookalikes.

I was going to get a real pair of these for my birthday last year, but I didn't really know if they suited me, so I got some Ray-Ban aviators instead, which I love.
But my dad just bought these cheap ones from eBay as he knew I still wanted some like them but didn't want to pay loads of a proper pair!

When I was out today, I first bought a maxi dress from New Look.

Now, I've never owned a maxi dress before as I'm not a dress or skirt person really, but I thought I'd give one a go, as I'm going on holiday in a couple of months!
It's a black bandeau with a cream dress with black pattern on it. This was £23.99 I believe.

I then went to Topshop to have a look around the sale and the make-up, but I ended up going downstairs to Topman.

The Mickey mouse one was reduced from £22 to £12 and the blue one with bleached strips was reduced from £20 to £10.
They both oversized and so comfy and I'm so glad I found them in the sale!

I then went to Boots.

There was a huge buy one get one half price on pretty much everything I looked at!
My sister's birthday is coming up and she said that she wanted a deep conditioner, so I picked up the Damage Rescue Treatment from Pantene for her to try.

I then picked up the Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in the shade 'Apocaliptic'.
If you know me, you know I hate lipgloss and I'm a huge lipstick girl.
But after seeing Lauren from alavish rave about them, I wanted to pick one up. And this was the perfect opportunity, as I was able to get it for only £3!

So, that's my little haul!

In other news, I have a group interview at Lush on Monday morning! *squeals* I'm super nervous! I hope I do well! If I'm successful, I get a trail shift next weekend! Wish me luck!

How's your week been lovelies, any plans for the weekend?

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  1. Lovely haul, you bought lots of very pretty items!



  2. You bought some very lovely items, really enjoyed your haul!

    Christina xx

  3. Great items, love the orange nail varnish, and I also really want some Wayfarers!

    Millie x

  4. Oooo good luck on your interview! I hope all goes well!! xx

    1. thank you lovely! :)xx

  5. It does seem like the Apocalips made it the US- wish they had!

    Maddy @

    1. really? ahh, that's a shame. they have some really lovely colours in the collection!
      have yet to try it out though so, they might not be worth the hype!xx

  6. Replies
    1. thank you! i'm hoping so xx