Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sisterly love... Sort of

Today I went to my older sister and asked if she had any lip scrub as my lips were feeling dry and awful and vaseline, carmex, or palmers cocoa butter wasn't helping. She let me have a dabble at her Lush lip scrub (I will definitely be buying some of that) and then, that turned into my acquiring quite a few things...

She ended up looking through her make up bag and just giving me things she didn't want or use anymore, and I'm not complaining!

I know a lot of you will think this is gross because one of these has very clearly been used and you shouldn't share make up. That's true and I agree with you! But this was used by my sister so I'm not really bothered. Plus, it's Estee Lauder so I would have been silly to say no to it!
These are pretty old, so I doubt they'll be around anymore.

She then gave me an eye shadow quad from Avon which has barely been used (they're just really dirty cause they've been in her make up bag for quite a while!). It has a really pretty highlight, peachy pink, light smokey brown and light black in it.

She then gave me a brand new, unopened Colour Trend mascara and kohl eyeliner. Can never have enough of them!

She then gave me some Natural Collection bronzing pearls in the colour "Sahara Sun" and some pressed matte powder in the colour "Neutral" and a Estee Lauder brush.

She then gave me some almost full cocoa skin therapy oil which I'm hoping will work on the scars I have on my chin from spots.
Some Andrew Barton heat protection spray.
And then some MUA matte foundation in the shade 3 "Gentle Fawn" which actually seems to match me!

I also got some nail foils which I now realise I forgot to take a snap of!

Not too bad for some dry lips!

How's your week been lovelies? :)

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  1. You have a very loving sister! Love it when this happens! Great post! :)