Sunday, 28 July 2013

The duck lords | Chatsworth

This Wednesday, my best friend invited me out for a day at Chatsworth with her family. Now, I had never been to Chatsworth and honestly, didn't know what to expect.
But she had just been on holiday for 11 days and I hadn't seen her for a while, and as my last blog post stated, I wanted to start saying yes and getting out more and see new places and do new things. So, obviously, I took her up on her offer and they came to pick me up 9:45am.

It was about an hours drive to get there and we drove through the countryside and finally got there. Like I said, I'd never been to Chatsworth and didn't know what to expect from it, but it's such a pretty place with loads of cute little cottages that are to die for! It's all so well kept and clean and gorgeous, I loved it.

We first stopped off at a little restaurant (which looked over the valley. So pretty!) for breakfast.

After we ate and had a good old chat, we went to the farm shop.
It was such a lovely shop. It was full of fresh fruit and veg and also fresh goodies, like scones and croissants. It was adorable. 

After that, we got back into the car and drove to the grave yard. You're probably thinking how morbid that sounds (I bet it makes you want to hang out with me!) but, there is a history that includes the Kennedy's in Chatsworth, which I never knew about. JFK's sister is buried there and he visited her grave and I got to stand right where JFK did.

There were so many old gravestones in there, it was actually quite fascinating. 

These are three of the oldest we found. A pirates, someone who passed away in 1759 and one written in Roman Numerals.

We also found one of a person who passed away this year, aged 103!

This is the gravestone of JFK's sister, Kathleen.

My best friends mum actually explained the history of this to me. Kathleen married William Cavendish, son of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, who later got killed in the war. Her mother didn't approve of this marriage, but Kathleen then went on to become involved with Peter Fitzwilliam, who was already married. Kathleen's mother was catholic and also didn't approve of this. Kathleen and Peter were going to get married when Peter got divorced but they got killed in a plane crash. Kathleen's parents refused to fly her body back home as she had "disgraced the family", so we was buried in Chatsworth. Only her father showed up to her funeral and JFK later visited it in June 1963, 5 months before he was shot dead in November.

There's a bit of history for you! (That you probably didn't care about).

We then had a wander around inside the church. 

The view from the church balcony was beautiful.

We then got back into the car and me and Amie got dropped off near Chatsworth house while the adults went to have a look around the garden centre.

This was probably my favourite part of the day. 

Me and Amie sat by the river for the rest of the day.

But we ended up attracting some friends!

Selfies with the ducks

This was one of the oddest things to ever happen to us. A group of ducks literally just came waddling up to us. They came so close to us, it was strange how they weren't scared of us at all!

After a couple of hours we went for a walk down the river.

Selfies with the sheep

We then went up the shop and Amie got a sausage roll to feed to the ducks, and we walked to the other side of the river where most of the sheep were.

It wasn't long before our best friends came waddling back.

We fed them pastry from the sausage roll, and the ducklings even ate from our hands.

Possibly the most adorable thing ever!

I had such a lovely day and I'm so glad I went. Chatsworth is so pretty and open and just lovely. 
And it was so nice to have a such a relaxing day with Amie in such a nice, peaceful place like that after not seeing her for so long.

We passed a cute little cottage for sale on the way home, if I happen to find £360,000 laying around, I'll be moving soon!