Thursday, 4 July 2013

June faves!

June was a pretty busy month for me, so I didn't really get to try out any new products or have the time to fall in love with anything new. So, I only have a little handful of products to show you from this month!

I honestly don't know how I've ever painted my nails before using this!
It is literally the easiest thing ever. You paint your nails, spritz this on and you're good to go!
I usually do a thin layer and let it dry and then put a thicker coat on the top so it's opaque, spray them, and voilĂ ! You're sorted!

Now, I only have the sample version of this, but you've probably heard me rave about it in previous posts. It's Lancome's Hypnose mascara.
I've been using this every time I step out of the house this month. I just love it. It separates your eyelashes wonderfully and gives each lash length and volume.
The only thing I can possibly complain about this is it's not great for bottom lashes as I find it can smudge a little during the day. I tend to use this for my top lashes and a waterproof mascara on the bottom ones, or even leave them bare!

Now I found this to be quite surprising. I picked it up on a whim, not expecting much from it as it's so cheap. I originally bought it for the foundation end, but I have come to the conclusion that foundation brushes just aren't for me. So, I decided to give the concealer end a whirl and I was very pleasantly surprised.
It blends in my concealer really well, especially under the eyes and I just find it works really well. And for the price, I couldn't be more chuffed!
So if you happen to be looking for a concealer brush, definitely pop down to Primark and grab one of these! Even if you don't like it, at £1.50 what's the harm?

Speaking of concealer, I've been using the Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Concealer in the shade 1 'Fair'. As you can see some of the writing has rubbed off the tube, not great quality. But the actual concealer is really great! It has great coverage, the only thing I can grumble at is it is a tad drying. 
If you have quite dry skin, I wouldn't recommend this, but other wise, it's great.
I have used this just to cover up a little redness and under eye circles and left it at that. It works really well.

Now, an old favourite of mine. 
MAC Russian Red.
I used to wear this loads but it found it's way to the back of my lipstick collection a few months ago.
But, I rediscovered it this month and fell back in love with it. It is such a gorgeous shade of red and I think it suits any skin tone. It's matte so it stays on all day, I just adore it. It is definitely an all time favourite of mine.
I think I will have to invest in a MAC red lip liner so I can rock the red lip a little more... neater.  

As for TV, PLL is back and ahhhh!
I was missing it so much, so glad it's back!
Definitely one of my favourite ever shows!

And that's it for this month really, what about you guys?

Hope you're all well!

Happy 4th of July to all the Americans out there!

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  1. i love me some russian red, i am also obsessed with ruby woo! I LOVE PPL!!!!!!!!! have you started watching twisted? it gives me a similar vibe, it's a goodie !!

    Xo Courtney ||